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SECURE ONLINE CLIENT INTAKE FORM Paperless questionnaire completion, no manual data entry, imported directly into case management software.

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BKPACKET Clients enter the petition required information regarding property and other assets, debt, income, expenses, financial affairs, and verify the information using an e-signature technology.

Attorneys can streamline their client intake process by monitoring the progress in real time, receiving alerts when the form is completed, and printing or importing the information directly into existing case management software.

Cases are managed more efficiently by eliminating paper packets and illegible handwritten information. Eliminates the need for manually typing data into the firm's software. Saves time, money and paper.

Versatile & Secure With BK Packet you can print, export as a PDF or import the completed form directly into an existing bankruptcy preparation software. The BK Packet™ is 100% secure, meaning that only the client and bankruptcy attorney can view the information. You can rest assured the personal information being entered and reviewed is safe from the eyes of intruders and is protected under all rights of privacy.

Streamlined Case Management For added convenience, BK Packet™ can also be imported directly into LegalPRO's BankruptcyPRO® (http://www.bankruptcy-pro.com/) and cloudbased Jubilee® (http://jubileebk.com/) software. By importing directly into BankruptcyPRO®, the BK Packet™ information can be the foundation for beginning a new client case.

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Before you can file, you must complete your petition. You can do it securely and easily at your own pace here at BK Packet.

Monitor progress, review petition in real time and print or import the petition directly into existing bankruptcy preparation software.



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BK Packet: Secure Online Bankruptcy Client Forms

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